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Dingo Flour Mill via Wikipedia

The Dingo Flour Mill is located in Fremantle, Western Australia. This iconic building is adorned with a large image in red of the famous Australian wild dog, that was first painted in 1940.

Here at Blue Lawn Designs, we also love the old Dingo Flour Mill in North Fremantle, and it features in a number of our screen-printed products available online.

The building has remained a landmark for generations of Western Australians. This iconic building is often the last thing seen leaving the Perth coast, and the first seen on returning. Its no wonder the landmark Dingo Flour Mill has achieved the status of an icon, for locals and visitors alike.




PSAS exterior Jul2016     PSAS interior Jul2016     PSAS Cafe 37 posted Jul2016

The Blue Lawn Designs team works in a great environment with creative colleagues. Painters, printmakers, architects, designers, illustrators, web developers as well as many others. The Pakenham St Art Space (PSAS), in Fremantle’s west end, houses our studio where we design and create screen-printed homewares – primarily fabrics and wood. The PSAS building is heritage-listed and has undergone some dramatic transformations since we moved in five years ago.

A new roof and insulation have been installed upstairs. The ground floor has been re-laid with smooth, polished concrete, and all the studio walls have been raised and upgraded. New bathrooms have been built, and a new café just inside the front door (Studio 37 named after the studio that was the traditional owner of that space). All of this has been done, whilst maintaining the essential fabric of the building. There is now a steady series of exhibitions, performances and arts events in the ground floor space, and even an occasional wedding. PSAS is an inspiring place to work, surrounded many other creatives.

New windows have been installed all around the ground floor, letting light in and providing a stronger link to the street life of Fremantle in. This is thanks to a heritage grant secured by PSAS. As you can imagine, there’s been a bit of disruption to our creative activities, but it’s very good to be part of a longer-term creative vision. And the on-site coffee is a bit of a sweetener, too. Read more about PSAS here

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Southside or Northside Jul2016

When it comes to dog beaches, are you Southside or Northside?

Okay, so we may have to admit that summer is over, but we’ve designed a couple of tea towels to keep the beach memories strong. We spent a lot of time at the beach this year, swimming and walking (great place for a Blue Lawn strategy meeting) and, at the insistence of our kids, regularly ambled along to either of the Fremantle dog beaches.

So many dogs, so many shapes and sizes! We’ve commemorated these happy times on our new Leighton dog beach tea towel and, to the keep the more southern beachgoers happy, matched it with a dog scene from South Beach.

We’ve just made our first delivery to FOUND at the Fremantle Arts Centre, and they’re also available online here and here. Hope you like them.

Prod TT South Beach 1500x1500     Prod TT Leighton Beach 1500x1500


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