All of our products are designed and printed by hand, by us. We sell to those who appreciate authenticity and individual expression. We aim to produce distinctive products that are of practical and aesthetic value to people everyday. The Blue Lawn design philosophy centres around celebrating the everyday in a new and interesting light: hence the name Blue Lawn, which alludes to a new way of highlighting familiar things in Australia’s natural, and built environment.

Dingo Flour Mill via Wikipedia

The Dingo Flour Mill is located in Fremantle, Western Australia. This iconic building is adorned with a large image in red of the famous Australian wild dog, that was first painted in 1940.

Here at Blue Lawn Designs, we also love the old Dingo Flour Mill in North Fremantle, and it features in a number of our screen-printed products available online.

The building has remained a landmark for generations of Western Australians. This iconic building is often the last thing seen leaving the Perth coast, and the first seen on returning. Its no wonder the landmark Dingo Flour Mill has achieved the status of an icon, for locals and visitors alike.





Council House by night 400x400     Council House tea towel 400x400

Blue Lawn created tea towels showing Perth Council House as part of the 50 years commemoration.

Perth Council House was designed by architects Howlett and Bailey, and opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1963 shortly after Perth hosted the Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1962. Ah, Empire!

The building was placed on the State’s Heritage Register circa 2005, after decades of debate about its aesthetics. The office of State Heritage noted it “is a rare intact example of an early 1960s modernist office building in Perth.” In recent years there has been a reassessment of the value of Council House, and the building is now illuminated at night by a multi-coloured light show.

The design for the building was chosen after a competition won by architects Jeffrey Howlett and Don Bailey. Don Bailey who is now in his 80s, was in Perth for the anniversary event in late March 2013. He told the audience that Council House was built at great speed as it needed to be finished in time to entertain the dignitaries coming to the games in 1962.

“We had eighteen months from start to finish. . . We had to design it as we went. It was fast track building and you filled in the details just ahead of the builder.”

The City of Perth produced a book and exhibition to mark the building’s 50th anniversary, exploring the history of Council House, displaying the original architectural plans, photographs of its construction and the opening.



Southside or Northside Jul2016

When it comes to dog beaches, are you Southside or Northside?

Okay, so we may have to admit that summer is over, but we’ve designed a couple of tea towels to keep the beach memories strong. We spent a lot of time at the beach this year, swimming and walking (great place for a Blue Lawn strategy meeting) and, at the insistence of our kids, regularly ambled along to either of the Fremantle dog beaches.

So many dogs, so many shapes and sizes! We’ve commemorated these happy times on our new Leighton dog beach tea towel and, to the keep the more southern beachgoers happy, matched it with a dog scene from South Beach.

We’ve just made our first delivery to FOUND at the Fremantle Arts Centre, and they’re also available online here and here. Hope you like them.

Prod TT South Beach 1500x1500     Prod TT Leighton Beach 1500x1500


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