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Our new space


We’ve been exploding out of our 1940s brick and tile house in Palmyra for some time now and have finally decided to add on a self-contained studio/extra living space to accommodate our sprawling selves and our teenagers. We plan to use this as our design zone for Blue Lawn Designs during the week, with the space most likely up for grabs on the weekend.

The new addition will be attached to the side/front of our house, but will have a separate entrance so that, down the track, we can also rent it out or use it for AirBnB. A little bit of future-proofing. A small bathroom and kitchenette have been included in the design.

The exterior will make a strong nod to the style of the rest of the house while the interior will provide the opportunity for us to experiment with some design ideas we’ve been collecting along the way. The first of these is a concrete block feature wall running the length of the living space (one side only), which is currently under construction (thanks Green magazine for this and many other interesting design ideas). The slab is expected to go down very soon.

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